Bartender action bar 3 keybind invisible

bartender action bar 3 keybind invisible

bartender action bar 3 keybind invisible

 · Heloo im am looking for a way to make Bartender Actionbars (2-8 if possible) visible via Keybind. They should be hiden from visibility meniu-> always hide enabled. So they just apear/ are visible when i press a certain key. If anyone has any idea plss heeelp. Ty

 · i installed bartender last night. easy installation and easy to use. the one thing i can’t figure out is this: how can i access wow’s action bars 2, 3 & 4 without having them on full display all the time. the default ui has that action bar page number business with an up and down arrow to access them. is there some way to set up something like this in bartender? i have my professions and ...

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 · No changes have been made to the printer or bartender file. During my testing I noticed that if I move the fields far enough above or below the line this would solve the issue. But this is not practical as the label needs to appear a specific way. old printer: Zebra TLP 2844

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 · Well, I switched to dominos to check it out. Of course, they have a check box just like bartender did (that i never saw) but .. well, to be honest, dominos is 100% better. I don't know why I haven't been using this all along :)

 · Neither of the three versions work. I see no action bars or spells. Neither the minimap-button nor the /bartender or /bt-command works. I hope this gets fixed soon, as I do not like to use the Blizzard Action Bar UI - if feels crammed and unflexible. Edited Oct 14, 2020

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