Bartender action bar 3 keybind invisible

bartender action bar 3 keybind invisible

bartender action bar 3 keybind invisible

 · Hi I'm a druid with dual spec and so I tend to be in 3-4 different forms across the board, mainly heal and tank. I've set Bartender up so that different bars appear in different forms so I don't get overlapping of skills, however I find I can only keybind 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc to one action bar at a time. So even if say I'm in tank mode and I've bound those keys to my healing bar that doesn't show ...

 · Hey guys so I couldnt find any info on this on the bartender support but for some reason when i uncheck "dont show keybinds". It will show the keybinds on my main actionbar but it still wont show my other keybinds on other bars. That, or it will show a completely wrong keybind, like my stealth is shift+s but it shows shift+z.

 · Action Bar Mods (Dominos, Bartender, ..) These mods usually use the default action bar buttons and add support for a few extra bars. Key bindings for buttons that belong to the default interface action bars are supported. Extra action bar buttons which are specific to the action bar …

 · By Nathanyal on 2012/01/21 at midnight (Patch 4.3.0) Scroll down about half way on the keybinding page and you find the MultiActionBar Bindings. There it has the Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Right Action Button, and Right Action Button 2.

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 · On the settings for each individual bar, there is a box that says "Show Button Grid." Hope that helps. level 1. 2 points · 9 years ago. also there is something in the interface settings under actionbars ... Of course, they have a check box just like bartender did (that i never saw) but .. well, to be honest, dominos is 100% better. I don't ...

 · I’m using Bartender and it shows the ExtraEncounterBar in the right place, not covered by buttons and its enabled. I tried the ZA addon and bound it to a macro that I have on an action bar but no matter how many times I clicked before/during the encounter I …

 · No changes have been made to the printer or bartender file. During my testing I noticed that if I move the fields far enough above or below the line this would solve the issue. But this is not practical as the label needs to appear a specific way. old printer: Zebra TLP 2844

 · Anyway I know about key binding, but can't find a way to key bind the action bar #2, there are 6 action bars so far. If anyone know how to key bind action bar 2, please help me, for example I have strangulate on actior bar 2 in the first box, and I want to bind it to the key F1, if someone knows how please reply, thx in advance :D

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