Ableton live vst scanning problem

ableton live vst scanning problem

ableton live vst scanning problem

Live might crash during the scanning process if an incorrect VST directory has been chosen, for example the root directory of the C:\ drive. VST plug-ins are .dll files. Live can not distinguish VST .dlls from other .dlls, for example drivers. If the custom VST folder contains non-VST .dlls, Live might crash as it tries to interpret them as VSTs.

 · Whenever I load my Ableton Live it crashes as it scans through VST's and I assume this problem came from when I was trying to get a VST to work and accidentally made the directory the entire Program Files folder. Now whenever it opens it scans every file in there even thinking some .dll files from other things are VST's then crashes.

Wait for the plug-in scanning to complete, then check the browser list again. Alternatively, perform a full rescan of all installed plug-ins by holding ALT/Option and pressing "Rescan Plug-Ins". 3. Make sure you've installed the correct bit-depth (32-bit or 64-bit) Live 10 is 64-bit only, therefore 32-bit plug-ins will not appear in Live 10's ...

 · 2. Once you have selected a VST Custom Folder and Live has scanned it, the path will be displayed. Note that, on Windows, Live may have found a path in the registry without the need for browsing. 3. Make sure that the Use VST Plug-In Custom Folder option is set to On, so that your selected folder is an active source for VST Plug-ins in Live.

 · I'm currently setting up a new Surface Pro 6 and for some reason Live 10 won't scan the default plug-in folder. It has no problem scanning a custom folder, but even with a full rescan (alt+Rescan), I get nothing. ... Ableton 10 Not Scanning Default VST Folder.

 · Just hold left shift when opening Ableton. The DAW will boot without reading your custom VST plugins. Then, change the directory of your VST folder and one by one drag in your VSTs until you figure out which one is giving Live a hard time. Back before I purchased sylenth1 the cracked version always gave me issues and this is how I narrowed it down.

 · Create a new folder called "Ableton vst" for example. Then inside this folder create another folders with names of the company vst you own. Finally copy the dll of each vst 64bits you want in each coresponding folder. And choose the "Ableton vst" folder as your main folder in …

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