Kai greene gay for pay

Feby 8, 2020
kai greene gay for pay

kai greene gay for pay

 · hi everyone i made this video in order to clarify a few points about the "gay for pay" phase kai had to go through as well as so many other athletes...

 · I found kai greene's kinky grapefruit video. Enjoy. The Kai Greene & Phil Heath Fight At The 2014 Mr. Olympia Press Conference - Duration: 12:08. Greek Bodybuilding (Ελληνικό Bodybuilding ...

 · Alot of bodybuilders have done gay4pay shiit to pay for their drugs, Kai's just got all over the place cuz it was a little weird, but it wasn't even "homosexual" There are plenty of decently-paying jobs that aren't gay 4 pay, bro.

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 · Kai Greene is up there with top 5 inspiration for lifting. I play his videos on my phone before leaving work to go lift, to give me energy. I was talking about bodybuilding with some dudes, and they said Kai Greene was gay.

 · Kai green doing gay for pay?!? Sign in to follow this . Followers 1. Kai green doing gay for pay?!? ... And mentioned99% of the time kai is. Share this post. ... Sadly most people jump on the fact he's gay and once nobbed a grapefruit when they mention Kai Greene. Blokes a legend in my eyes. He can stick a bunch of grapes up his arse as far as ...

Kai Greene has done some things in his life, that make some people think he is gay. He has done things for money, like gay for pay, that have been caught on camera, and photographed on the internet! He has also "made love" to a grapefruit, if you know what I mean! Check it out and let us know what you think on Muscleroast.com!

 · Kai Greene grapefruit is an example of how to strain to achieve a goal without straining. He enjoys life – and when “Arnold Classics” wins, and when fucking grapefruit. ... and for the gay site Musclehunks.com, he took part in a candid photo shoot. Kai Greene’s Grapefruit Video.

Another way to make a few extra bucks through G4P is, of course, starring in gay porn movies. For instance, the popular YouTube character Kali Muscle was an actor in gay porn movies prior to his Internet fame. While G4P activities are common for many bodybuilders, the most famous for doing G4P is Kai Greene – an elite IFBB pro.

Im a pretty big guy and im gay. I escort, specializing in muscle worship/bodybuilding, and it is absolutely RIDICULOUS what they will pay you for. My worst session will pay me 300 basically to blow a load. I've had clients take me on vacation to New Zealand, Spain, Italy, and the Caribbean. All expenses and flights paid for. $2k to stay over night.

kai greene gay for pay